The Top 10 Internet Dating Reporters On The Planet

6a00d834515c5f69e201a3fc970d59970b-120wOPW – Jan 22 – We’ve monitored and illuminated the top internet dating news almost every day for the last 9 years, and we’ve also been keeping careful track of who’s been writing that news.Here’s a list of reporters we’ve referenced.

In our opinion, here are the top internet dating industry reporters on the planet.

1. Sharon Jayson is a behavior and relationships reporter for USA Today (1.5m+ readers).
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2. Jenna Wortham is a technology reporter for NY Times (1.8m+ readers) and it´s blog called Bits (450k+ UV/monthly).
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3. Quentin Fottrell covers finance for MarketWatch (9.4m+ UV/monthly) and wrote several articles about online dating during the last year. He also wrote “Love in a Damp Climate” about relationships in Ireland.
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4. Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz writes for the Chicago Tribune (circulation 410k+).
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5. Mohana Ravindranath is business reporter for the Washington Post (circulation 470k+).
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6. Bianca London is another newcomer. A young reporter, she joined Daily Mail (Mail online has 101m+ UV/monthly) in 2012 and writes the Femail online column.
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7. Jordan Crook is a tech reporter who writes for Tech Crunch (13.7m+ UV/monthly), since 2011.
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8. Anthony Ha covers the media industry and media startups for Tech Crunch.
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9. Jennifer Van Grove is a social media reporter for CNet News (1.8m+ UV/monthly).
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10. Samantha Murphy Kelly is a tech reporter for Mashable since 2011 (33.4m+ UV/monthly).